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Split inteins have two attractive properties specially suitable for tagged protein purification:
Controllable cleavage
High affinity binding between the two splitted domains.

These remarkable features are at the basis of SPLITTERA, a unique system providing affinity purification and tag removal of target proteins in one shot and at low cost.





Purification of target proteins by SPLITTERA. One of the intein domains is incubated with the protein mixture (STEP1:Binding). The specific intein:intein domain interaction allows target protein purification. Then, the conditions are shifted and cleavage is induced (STEP: Cleavage) liberating the target protein from the intein domain. Finally, the intein domain is regenerated by disrupting the intein:intein interaction.



• Cleavage independent on POI sequences (There is no restriction regarding the extein sequence).
• Ultrafast reaction rates & and enhanced robustness.
• Easy to produce either by recombinant technology or by chemical synthesis.
• Inducible cleavage in controlled in vitro conditions avoids loses during production and purification.