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Recombinant Vaccines

ZERA recombinant vaccines for human and animal health

ZERA-based vaccines have been developed by ZIP and further validated in collaboration with partners. In all cases tested, ZERA VACCINEs have shown performance improvement. 

ZERA VACCINEs consist of structurally organized antigen oligomers forming a natural Microparticle (MP) and mimicking a viral pattern. Soluble recombinant antigens are often very poorly immunogenic and adjuvants are required in order to make the antigens visible to the immune system. ZERA VACCINEs MPs have been shown to drastically improve the immunogenicity, already in the absence of adjuvants, in comparison with the administration of soluble antigens, due to its particulated formulation.



- ZERA drastically improves recombinant antigen expression and accumulation, in vivo

- ZERA induces significant cellular and humoral immune responses, already in the absence of adjuvant

- ZERA stabilizes the antigen in storage conditions and allows shelf-life in non refrigerated conditions

- Standard density-based downstream

- Compatible with ZERA-Antigen DNA vaccines for heterologous prime-boost regimen



ZERA has shown to be an optimal platform for the development of vaccines, based both on recombinant and nucleic-acid formulations. The R&D performed internally had the main objective of identifying the differential characteristics of ZERA-based vaccines in comparison with canonical subunit vaccines. To do so, clinically relevant indications have been identified, both for animal and human health, and preclinical immunological performance has been assessed.

All the results generated, as well as all the molecules tested, are available for evaluation of licensing opportunities.


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