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ZERA® is a platform for developing both DNA-based vaccines and protein micro-particle based vaccines. According to customer needs, the vaccine can be formulated as DNA, protein micro-particles or a combination of both. Whatever the choice you will take advantage of ZERA® capacity to enhance immune response.

Come with your antigen and leave with a vaccine

Protein-Particle ZERA®-vaccines are a step-change in the vaccine industry. ZERA® peptides are able to improve the efficiency of upstream and downstream processes in vaccine manufacturing. At the same time they confer a particulate formulation to the antigen which enhances the immune response.


Protein-Particle ZERA®-vaccines:


• Induce significant cellular and humoral
immune responses

• Stabilize the antigen in storage conditions

(dried particles)

• Have intrinsic adjuvancy and positive

immunomodulatory effect

• Improved shelf life in non-refrigered stored condirions

• Compatible with ZERA®-Antigen DNA vaccines for heterologous prime-boost strategy

          zera vaccines

Soluble recombinant antigens are poorly immunogenic. By contrast, ZERA® fused to an antigen of interest renders high performance vaccines formulated as microparticles. Such particles are avidly taken up and processed by Antigen Presenting Cells. On the left, ZERA®-DsRED fluorescent particles taken up by macrophages.                                                                                                                 





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