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The production platform based on ZERA® peptides allows a flexible process adapted to your requirements.

ZERA® peptide fused to your target protein can be synthesized in a broad range of recombinant hosts, cultured cells, microorganisms or GMO. In addition, it can be produced as intracellular organelles (StorPro® bodies) or as a secreted soluble protein. The reversible downstream steps of Assembly/Solubilization and membrane Removal/Encapsulation allow process customization for a given application.


zera1Chart of ZERA® process (Uptream and Downstream) and its major fields of application



•  Natural peptide sequence available in more than 20 customised variants
•  Accumulates your protein of interest fully active in intracellular micro-particles

•  Increases expression level between 2-10 fold without disturbing cell viability and growth rate

•  Tolerates wide size range of your protein of interest (30AA to ~80 kDa)

•  Allows N-glycosylation

•  Works with all genetic improvement technologies in all eukaryotic hosts

•  Protects your protein of interest from proteolytic degradation

•  Simplifies first downstream step



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