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 carrier-free immobilized ZERA®- Enzymes

ZERA®-Enzyme is typically secreted to the culture broth. Based on self-assembly properties of ZERA® tag, combining purification and immobilization in one a single step, carrier-free immobilized ZERA®-Enzymes are produced. A standard immobilization procedure is applied to any enzyme with out affecting significantly its kinetics



enzymasImmobilized ZERA®-CelBincarrier-free particles.


• Improve enzymatic stability in harsh industrial conditions (Tª, pH, solvents)
• Stabilize the enzymes in storage conditions (dryed particles)
• Render high activity per unit weight and robustness
• Can contain two or more enzymes for cascade reaction applications
• Can be immobilized onto solid materials


ZERA®-Enzymes particles ensure stable enzymatic reaction for several days in continuous reactors. Moreover, its robustness and specific properties allows also its easy recovery from in-batch reactors. Carrier-free immobilized ZERA®-Enzymes are suitable for several applications as API manufacture (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and bio-fuels (Bio-ethanol and Bio-diesel) production.




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