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Recombinant Microparticles formation through self-assembly of ZERA peptides

ZERA detof assembled oligomers of properly folded proteins. The formation of MPs is driven, in vivo, by ZERA, a family of self-assembling peptides, in fusion with the protein of interest. ZERA MPs show high resistance to protease degradation and are accumulated at high levels. ZERA Mps are easily purified, taking advantage of their high density, through a universal downstream processing

All the identified applications of ZERA have been validated, both internally and in collaboration with partners, in R&D  as well as in more advanced developments.

Zera sounts with a strong IP protection based on 6 fully owned patent familiesermines the accumulation of properly folded recombinant proteins in the form of Microparticles (MPs)intracellular protein bodies-like structures, made up.



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