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ZERA® allows producing your recombinant protein/peptide of interest as fully active protein microparticles.

ZERA® is a family of self-assembler peptides which can be fused to your recombinant protein/peptide. When ZERA® peptides assemble, your recombinant protein/peptide is driven to a microparticle, either in vivo or in vitro.




ZERA® technology has been used as a platform for  DNA vaccines , carrier-free enzyme immobilization, biopharmaceutical protein production.



• Higher protein accumulation rates
Broad size range; assembling proteins from few Aa’s up to 80 KDa polypeptides
• Can assemble proteins from very diverse nature: enzymes, antigens, hormones, etc…
• Labile and/or difficult-to-express protein production
• Simplification and acceleration of downstream processes
• Intellectual Property Rights generation by new protein formulation